janvier 20, 2017

MyShake Application to monitor earthquakes

MyShake application transforms smartphones into a way to monitor earthquakes

 Application MyShake works on smart phones that operate the Ondorad operating system

 The smartphones that included this application have recorded hundreds of earthquakes worldwide, some of which were 2.5 degrees low on the Richter scale.

The MyShake application has become a useful tool for residents to monitor what is happening in their area.

The MyShake application relies on a complex calculation system for the analysis of all vibrations captured by a measurement of the extension of the phone acceleration.

The development of this calculation system so that it can distinguish between human movement and movement caused by earthquakes.

This application runs in the background, such as measuring the level of fitness applications that monitor the fitness of activities of phone users.

Once the excitability of the MyShake application sends a message to the central server via the network followed by the phone, then select the location of the server and measure the earthquake intensity

This system records earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 degrees to 7.8 degrees, and depths of earthquakes up to 350 kilometers

The telephones closest to placing remote sensing vibrations that were on the path, and then made a signal farthest from the cell of the place of danger of earthquake .

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