août 24, 2016

How To Subscribe To Fabletics Athletic Wear & Accessories

By Charles Burns

Fitness is a matter of great importance to many people globally. There are quite a number of activities that one can engage in to keep fit. The most important factor about fitness is that the person doing the activities should be very comfortable in the clothes they wear when training. Fabletics Athletic Wear & Accessories is an online shop that has been established for fitness lovers to find all their athletic gear in one shop at affordable prices.

This online store is a membership based program where one has to register to be a member before they can make any order on a product. There are two types of membership, regular and VIP membership. The regular membership allows clients to register and shop for items with regular prices, while the VIP membership gives clients discounted prices and offers free shipping of items bought, and is charged a standard monthly fee.

The VIP subscribers can cancel their subscription when they want or they can skip a month, meaning they do not pay the monthly fee. Clients should however understand that if they cancel their VIP subscription, they will not be able to purchase items at the VIP discount price.

The style of athletic wear and accessories sold by Fabletics is the kind of style that allows somebody to be able to do concurrent activities without having to change their clothes. Ladies can find yoga wear that is styled in a way that can be worn away from a yoga setting. The clothes are also made of quality materials which mean they last, and value for money is felt.

Aside from selling only athletic gear, this shop also stores additional equipment like gloves, water bottles, scarves, headbands and many other extras. This makes it a one stop shop for fitness lovers since they can find a wide variety of the equipment they need for their routines. It also saves them time since they will not jump from place to place looking for equipment. The low prices of these additional equipment allow VIP members to fill up their monthly charges and get full value.

Fabletics recently launched a new line of athletic gear for men, known as FL2. The new products are essential for working out and even as standalone outfits. The gear are made using high quality materials, and even come with moisture-release technology to keep skin dry, therefore increasing comfort. All these still do not affect the prices of the commodities.

As they have been steadily growing in business and clients, they recently decided to not only be an online shop, but also have a physical shop. This move will allow more people to know about the brand and people will be able to walk in and shop just like in a normal mall. They have so far decided to open shops in big busy malls.

Every fitness loving person who wants to buy athletic gear at affordable prices should look to Fabletics for their great variety in merchandise and prices. The brand is steadily growing and is expected to reach even greater heights in the near future.

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