août 26, 2016

The Cons In Crude Oil Transportation

By Stephanie Patterson

Numerous challenges have continuously faced transportation of this black gold regardless of the method of transporting used. As times go by, there is increased production of this commodity making the challenges more felt not only by the transporting companies but also the general public too. The scary part is that these crude oil transportation challenges may lead to dangerous accidents.

The four main means of transportation are railway, pipeline, trucks and water tankers. These methods have been in the industry with the experts stating that these methods can never be replaced despite the challenges faced, they still serve the industry well in different capacities. More so, there are instances that they complement each other making transportation swiftly.

If you want to ensure that the oil is moved from one place to another without facing any disturbances, then it is advisable to use the pipeline which has been using for a very long time. However, it is extremely slow as compared to the railway. More so, spillages cannot be detected in good time since the pipes are underground where no one can be able to see making the spillage adverse.

Water tankers are usually best at delivering a large amount of oil over the largest distances. Despite this, they seem not friendly to the aquatic life. In the event of a spillage, the amount is normally very large. It is usually difficult to control it even after it has been detected. The spill usually spreads very fast over vast water areas making life unbearable for both people and aquatic organisms. They are also restricted to water.

This valuable product can be easily be shipped in relatively large amounts over long distances in short time spans making it very reliable. However, this mode has seen many accidents. Since the cargo can easily catch fire, the accidents are associated o large explosions. The fire can be very fatal if not taken care in time.

In the process of ensuring that the product is very much secure, most companies prefer to hide the details of the route the train will be taking so that terrorists and any threats finds it hard to get it on the road. However, when an accident occurs, emergency responders get a hard time to locate the area of the accident something that is attributed to more deaths and property destroyed.

Road trucks are viewed as the most dangerous of all. This is because they are very close to the general public, and chances of an accident are usually very high. The traffic congestion creates a suitable environment for collisions. More so, some of these truck drivers normally attempt to over speed especially when the business is booming. An accident leads to explosions killing many and destroying properties.

These challenges are very real and at the same time extremely dangerous since this product is highly flammable. It is thus at the hands of the necessary stakeholders to come up with extreme safety measures that can be put in place to ensure that the product reaches the destination without affecting anyone negatively on the way. Technology should be placed in time to curb some of the challenges that can be avoided.

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